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This is a conceptual photography project made for WONDERLAB, the Spring/Summer 2013 fashion collection designed by PILAR DALBAT.
Analysing the collection leitmotif, we came up with a concept which could express it visually: a lab for color experimentation, inks pouring and mixing within the test tubes, giving birth to each one of the garments. A playful and fearless creation.

· Model:              María Jesús Muros
· Designer:          PILAR DALBAT
· Art Director:      Sofia Lasserrot
· Photographers:  Luis Rodriguez & Sofia Lasserrot

Chosen references:

I studied the colors and textures that shape up the collection and then chose these key outfits:

Then developed an 'inks on water' visual concept, and from there a background image for each one of the outfits; with the idea of displaying the whole colour pallete of the collection, so those garments which were not being photographed were "present" by appearing as part of the background colours:

Finally I studied each outfit + background composition, and made some color adjustments so they would blend in nicely: