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About Me


Visual artist based in Europe,   
passionate  about experiments and interdisciplinary collaborations.

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I broke into the art world as a flautist in my early years, completing foundation and intermediate music studies at the Royal Conservatory Victoria Eugenia in Granada; then I graduated in:
•    BA Fashion Design and Communication from CEADE   (Seville, Spain)
•    MA Costume Design for Performance from London College of Fashion (University of the Arts London, UK)
Enriched my training with specialised courses at:
•    Central Saint Martins  (University of the Arts London)  -  Fashion (drawing & modelling)
•    LIM College (Laboratory Institute of Merchandising  (New York City, USA)  -  Coolhunting, Fashion Magazines & Fashion Buyers

I was born in 1986 in Granada (Spain). From my great grand father, Spanish photographer Bartolomé Ros, I inherited a passion for photography.
I got into the art world early in my life as a flutist and as years went by I developed  an interest in clothing as a reflection of culture and identity, concepts that are central to my work, which is fundamentally focused in the relation between content and context. 
I am particularly interested in symbols, character and storytelling,  and a the key question for me is what is worth keeping from tradition and what is worth destroying, therefore historical research plays an important part in my process but there are strong performative and experimental elements in my work as well. 

Nowadays I work as a freelance Creative/Artistic Director, Costume Designer, Photographer and Content Curator, for different clients like the Maltese National Theatre, the dance company Fernando Hurtado or the fashion forecasting agency Trendzine.

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